this project began in december 2011 with the intention to educate and inspire with photographs, objects, archives, and library materials from various time periods as a way to give the viewer a comprehensive and accurate glimpse into the ancient, modern, and contemporary timeline of art and art history.

who am i?
i’m shannon! i work in a museum.

my background
ba, art history
ma, museum studies

my research
the portuguese immigration and life experiences in the san francisco bay area, the history of american folklore, and the history of crime.

copyright & image use
in regards to copyright and image use, this blog does not claim ownership or copyright of any featured image(s). the images added are added in lieu of fair use for educational purposes. images are collected from different public sources such as websites that are in the public domain.

image sources
all images are sourced and feature links as to where the image was found. please see the source tag in each post for details.

text use
if text is included as research material, it has either been paraphrased and sourced in a chicago-style footnote or independently researched. source material can be requested.